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Airplane Accident Attorney in New Orleans

Work With a Lawyer for Aviation Accidents – Hire an Aviation and Airplane Accident Attorney in New Orleans

Statistically, air travel is safer than traveling by automobile. However, more people are involved when plane crash accidents happen, injuries can be much worse, and their insurance claims are harder to justify.

Big Easy Accident Attorney will fight for your compensation in New Orleans whenever you’re involved in a plane crash. We have represented individuals, families, and even companies to ensure they get proper compensation for these accidents.

Airplane accidents can be tragic. We’re here to help you achieve justice with personal injury attorneys with vast experience and knowledge of personal injury law involving aviation accidents. Call us at (504) 370-4471 today and we will help you all throughout your journey.

Types of Plane Crash Accidents

Aviation accidents can happen to any type of aircraft. While they’re not common, these accidents have a clear distinction, and most insurance policies treat them differently.

The first step to ensuring that you get adequately compensated is identifying which of these accidents happened to you or your loved ones. Aviation in New Orleans can be clearly categorized into two categories. However, there’s another aviation accident category that you or your family may be involved in.

Here are the three types of aviation accidents in New Orleans:

Private Plane Crash

Private planes provide a personalized experience for their riders. While they can be enjoyable, accidents are still a real possibility since regulations on private aircraft are more relaxed.

That’s why you’ll hear more news on crashes involving private planes. Small plane crashes are certainly a risk, and it’s going to be a challenge to justify what caused the accident. You’ll need a New Orleans attorney to help you justify your claims and go after liable parties in a New Orleans plane crash that you were involved in.

Commercial Plane Crash

Another type of plane crash aviation accident is those from large, commercial airlines.

Accidents that involve large aircraft are rare because of the stricter regulations that govern them. Still, we’ve seen fatal aviation accidents in the past that cost lives and inflicted injuries on several people. These injuries and deaths can only be appropriately compensated if competent people can go after these companies and fight for their rights.

Large commercial airlines are responsible for providing their passengers with the utmost care and security. An accident that causes injury or death is grounds for filing claims.

International Plane Crash

Generally, aviation accidents in New Orleans only involve the above categories. However, there’s a particular aviation accident category that a person may be involved in. These are aviation accidents that happen abroad.

While the cause of these accidents may be similar to a private or commercial accident, a critical nuance to their case is that it happened on an international flight outside New Orleans and the US.

These cases require an attorney who has experience navigating international insurance law in addition to being a local injury lawyer.

Big Easy Accident Attorney can help you navigate these laws and ensure that the injuries inflicted on you or your loved ones receive proper compensation from liable parties.

Most Common Causes of Airplane and Aircraft Accidents

There are several causes of aviation accidents. As we said, they can be rare, but there are several opportunities for your flight to go wrong, and it’s essential to know which one was the root cause of your accident.

Airplane Malfunction AccidentAccidents can happen because of human error from your pilot or other crew members. Sudden fluctuations in weather can also cause an airplane to crash.

Other causes of these accidents include:

  • Sabotage
  • Mid-air collisions
  • Airplane equipment malfunctions

Crashes can happen in many ways. Knowing which one happened to your particular accident is critical to helping justify the compensation you’re demanding from liable parties.

What Damages Can You Claim In An Aviation Accident?

Being involved in airplane accidents may legally entitle you to the broadest range of damages, including:

  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Past and future lost earnings
  • Mental anguish
  • Grief
  • Loss of consortium (in the case of spouses)
  • Punitive damages (which depend on which state and country the airplane accident occurred)

Airplane accident attorneys in NOLA can help you identify damages you can apply for your claim.

What Injuries Are Caused by New Orleans Airplane Accidents?

Plane accidents in New Orleans can inflict different types of injuries on their victims. Suppose you’re in an aircraft, and it crashes. In that case, there’s a high possibility that you’ll have a life-threatening injury from the accident, such as:

Riding an airplane can be safe, but there’s a slight chance of an accident. Our aviation accident lawyers in New Orleans are ready to help you if you’re caught in one.

Who is Liable in an Aviation Accident?

Several parties can be liable for an aviation accident, including:

  • Manufacturers: they’re the ones responsible for aircraft parts. They could be liable if there were parts that were proven defective.
  • Airlines: these companies are responsible for protecting their passengers from any aviation-related injury.
  • Owners/Operators: in the case of private plane accidents, its owners can be liable for any injury caused to you or your loved ones.
  • Passengers: in some cases, your co-passengers can cause an aviation debacle. You can also file a claim against them if this is the case.

Let Our Airplane Crash and Injury Attorneys in New Orleans Fight for Your Compensation

Are you involved in any crashes? Let us know, and we’ll send a competent lawyer to help set up your case and be fairly compensated by liable parties. Contact us today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aviation Accidents in New Orleans

How Do You Determine Fault In An Airplane Accident?

Determining the liable parties can be difficult. The only way to achieve this is through thorough investigations. Several factors, such as human error, plane flaws, and weather, among others, will play a significant role in finding out who’s at fault. Injury attorneys can help you source testimonies and evidence to determine who the liable parties are.

How Much Does an Aviation Accident Lawyer Cost?

Being in an accident on an aviation journey can be costly. That’s why at Big Easy Accident Attorney, we ensure that the service is accessible to anyone.

Our service will cost an industry average of $5,000 to $10,000.

Who Do I Call After an Airplane Accident Happens?

Airplane-related accidents can happen anywhere. The first thing you should do is contact your local police and disaster response agencies. Call your injury attorneys immediately if you think the damage was incurred to you or your property.

Who Takes Responsibility for an Aviation Accident?

Aviation is complex, so it’s difficult to ascertain who should assume responsibility. This is why you should work with injury attorneys to determine who’s at fault in an aircraft accident. They can be:

  • The pilot
  • Commercial airline
  • Aircraft parts manufacturer
  • Owners (in the case of private planes)
  • Co-passengers

How Do Airplane Accident Lawyers Help?

Sustaining an injury during an aircraft accident can be devastating. If you’re involved in crashes, airplane accident lawyers can represent you in court to fight for your compensation. They can also help you gain testimonies and pieces of evidence to justify your claim for injuries and deaths that resulted from an aviation accident.

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