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If you’re a resident of New Orleans, then you know that there’s always something to do. From parades to festivals to endless nightlife, the city never stops moving.

But with all that action comes risk, and one of the risks we face every day is getting injured on the job. Whether it’s a slip and fall or an accident with heavy machinery, occupational injuries are common in New Orleans.

If you’re hurt at work, it’s important to know your rights and seek medical attention right away. Work injuries can be costly and debilitating, so if you’ve been injured, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Big Easy Accident Attorney is here to help you with your questions and needs!

How Common Are Work Injuries in New Orleans?

If you’re like most residents of New Orleans, you probably go to work every day and take for granted that you’ll make it home safe and sound. But what if something happens while you’re on the job? How common are work injuries in New Orleans, anyway?Work Injury Attorney in New Orleans - Big Easy Accident Attorney

In New Orleans, the rate of work-related injuries is 15%. This statistic may not seem too alarming at first glance but it’s important to note that this number has been on an upward trend since 2010.

The good news is that many of these injuries are minor and don’t result in long-term disability.

But for those who are seriously injured, it can be a life-altering event. That’s where a work injury attorney in New Orleans can help

Different Types Of Work Injuries

A worker can get injured while on the job, but some jobs are more dangerous than others. Construction workers, for example, are at a higher risk for on-the-job injuries than office workers.

Some of the most common types of work injuries include:

Back Injuries

This is the most common type of injury in the United States. Many times, back injuries are caused by lifting something improperly or carrying a heavy object.

Neck Injuries

These can be caused by sudden stops and starts while working, or by repetitive motions such as typing on a computer.

Head Injuries

These can be caused by a fall, being hit by an object, or exposure to loud noises.

Knee Injuries

These can be caused by overexertion, slips, falls, or repetitive motions.

Ankle Injuries

These can be caused by slips and falls, trips, and stumbles, or repetitive motions.

Shoulder Injuries

These can be caused by repetitive motions, such as using a computer mouse or typing on a keyboard, or by lifting something heavy.

Hand Injuries

These can be caused by cuts, punctures, burns, or exposure to chemicals.

What to Do After a Work Injury?

If you’ve been injured at work, the first thing you should do is report the injury to your supervisor. You should also get medical attention as soon as possible.New Orleans Work Injury Attorney - Big Easy Accident Attorney

Once you’ve taken care of those things, you should contact a work injury attorney in New Orleans. He or she will be able to help you file a claim and get the compensation you deserve.

Workplace injuries can happen to anyone, anywhere. If you’re injured on the job, it’s important to seek medical attention and legal assistance as soon as possible.

A work injury attorney in New Orleans can help you get the compensation you deserve.

The Most Affordable Work Injury Attorneys in New Orleans

Workers’ compensation insurance is a state-mandated benefit system designed to protect employees who are injured on the job, whether from typing on a computer keyboard in an office or from being struck by a falling beam on a construction site.

Here at Big Easy Accident Attorney, we will handle your claim professionally and make sure you get compensated for your injuries. We have a team of dedicated accident lawyers who can help you manage even the most complicated cases.

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