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When you are involved in a maritime accident, it’s important to know the laws that apply. The process of building your claim can be complicated depending on what country or state where this happened; but if done correctly then filing will give compensation for damages incurred during an incident!

If you are looking for a tough, aggressive New Orleans boat accident attorney who understands maritime law and knows how to get the best results for their clients, look no further than Big Easy Accident Attorney.

We have successfully represented injured maritime workers and their families for years and know what it takes to win your case.

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What Are the Common Causes of a Boat Accidents?

When you are on a boat, there is always some risk involved. The same way that when driving in traffic and hitting an animal or another car can cause injury to yourself- it could happen with this form of transportation too!

In order for these accidents not to occur more often than they should be, we should be aware of what factors might have caused them so we don’t repeat those mistakes again.

Here are some factors that contribute to an accident:

Careless or Reckless Boating

Boat Accident InjuriesIn addition to being a reckless driver, you might also run into an accident with someone who doesn’t pay attention.

The most common culprits for carelessness on the water are sports and recreational captains–allowing passengers in undesignated areas or failing wake-worthy practices can lead directly to disaster!

High Speeds

The safety of yourself and others on the water is important, which means that you need to know how fast a boat can legally go. Some boats have “speed” in their name; however, there are still rules for safe speeds at all times- even when traveling at high speeds!

Bad Weather

If you’re going out on the water, don’t forget that bad weather can happen at any time. High winds and rains make it tough for boats to handle choppy waters so be prepared with a float plan in case things get rough!

Alcohol Use

The consequences of getting caught driving under the influence of alcohol are severe. Operators may lose their licenses, and face up five years in prison for reckless endangerment and breaking law-which means you could never drive again!

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a boat accident, it is important to get in touch with a qualified boat accident attorney as soon as possible.

At the Big Easy Accident Attorney, we have years of experience representing clients who have been injured in boating accidents.

We understand the complex laws that govern maritime accidents, and we know how to get the best results for our clients.

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